"Advekit has exceeded my expectation in both marketing my practice as well as in customer service. I'm equally impressed with the way Advekit whittled down the directory approach to provide consumers a simple and direct matching process. It's reviving to work with a marketing company that personally honors psychotherapy."

-Oliver, LMFT – Los Angeles

"Advekit has led to several leads and one new weekly client in only a matter of a few weeks on the platform, which already covers the cost of the membership. I am excited to continue marketing with Advekit.”

-Jake M, LMFT – Los Angeles

“Advekit has opened up a new avenue of referrals to my practice and helped greatly in marketing my services.  I have received more contacts through it than any other similar listing in three short months.  I highly recommend it to other therapists!”

-Kristine J, LMFT – Santa Monica


“Thank you! Your website was very user friendly and super helpful, already providing me with excellent recommendations in my area. I am quite optimistic!”

-Scott, Los Angeles CA

“I loved how simple it was to use the matching feature, and that I was able to receive 3 therapist referrals instantly. I was able to make the decision quickly to contact one of the three therapists who stood out to me.”

-Katherine, Pacific Palisades CA

“Your matching feature was innovative and different from any other tool I’ve used. I was able to easily navigate your site and receive the therapist referrals I needed. Thank you for creating Advekit!”

-Bill, Encino CA