Katiah Llerena

Katiah Llerena, PhD

870 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94102

About Katiah

I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing scientifically-based individual counseling and psychotherapy for adults, with a special focus on young professionals. Different aspects of life (e.g., careers, relationships, grief) can accumulate to cause stress, which can lead to anxiety, depression, feeling "stuck," and other painful challenges. I can help you understand and master life stressors that affect your emotional health and relationships. I tailor therapy to best suit your needs.


Depressive, Anxiety & Related Disorders Maternal Mental Health/ Prenatal & Postpartum Relationships and Life Transitions Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders


PhD - PSY28258

Session Fees

Individual: $250

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This therapist is available:


This therapist offers therapy in person, by video, and by phone.