You bring the clinical expertise,
we take care of the rest.
Advekit handles marketing, payments, and billing claims for your practice.
Tailored matching
Tailored Matching
Clients are matched to 3 best suited therapists. We match you with clients in your scope, without you getting lost in an online directory listing.
No more superbills
No More Superbills
You do not need to be Insurance paneled! Our software solution allows clients to upload their insurance details and understand their Out of Network coverage in real-time. We handle all payment and process claims for client. We pay you out immediately!
Reduce churn
Reduce Churn
We help you retain new and existing clients! Clients are able to save money upfront through Advekit, so they come to therapy more often.
What is Advekit's Out of Network Insurance Solution?
Client gets matched with you and sees your cash rate, understanding that you are an "Out of Network" provider.
Client enters insurance details, and instantly receives coverage breakdown. Client only pays what they owe, and does not need to pay in full and wait for reimbursement.
Advekit collects client's payment and insurance details, and waits for you to indicate that client has come in for a session.
Once client has seen you for a session, Advekit charges client's credit card, and pays you (therapist) immediately. Advekit then waits for reimbursement from insurance.
45,000 +
clients matched to Advekit therapists in the past 2 years
of Advekit therapists renew their subscription each cycle
of therapists secure a client within the first 2 months
increase in reach outs from other sites, due to our Out of Network Insurance solution
Live in 7 States!
Expanding to additional states in 2020.
New York
New Jersey
Group 20@2x
Advekit has helped me find new clients that are willing to pay out of network, but who don’t want to deal with paperwork. Neither do I! Thanks, Advekit

— Sharon, Pasadena, CA
I was able to send my existing clients to Advekit who helped them with insurance, because they were about to leave therapy and I wanted to help them find a solution - Advekit has become a life saver!

— Carol, Oakland, CA
This was a gem that I stumbled upon and I am so thankful that I did! I had 10 open spots and Advekit filled them all in under 6 months!

— Sebastian, Brooklyn, NY
I could never figure out how to explain “Out of Network” to my clients, but Advekit makes it very easy for them, and in turn, for me!

— James, San Francisco, CA
Thank you, Advekit, for introducing a perfect solution to the Superbill.

— Carly, Chicago, IL
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