Kesha  Geans

Kesha Geans

Chicago, Illinois 60644

About Kesha

As a therapist, I can help you better understand the connections between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With this new insight, you can identify problematic ones and challenge, replace, or reframe them. The path to change starts with identifying your needs and finding more effective ways to fulfill them. I enjoy working with individuals who want to address challenges pertaining to anxiety, depression, relationships, and trauma, as well as their own personal growth and development.


Behavioral, Disruptive, & Impulse-Control Disorders Depressive, Anxiety & Related Disorders Maternal Mental Health/ Prenatal & Postpartum Personality Disorders Relationships and Life Transitions


- 149023170

Session Fees

Individual: $150

Couples: $180

Family: $180

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This therapist offers therapy in person and by video.