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How will Advekit Support My Practice?

Collect your Cash Rate, While Clients Save on Therapy

Get paid instantly, while Advekit Waits for Reimbursement.

Therapists who send clients to Advekit see 70% better retention with their caseload

Collect your Cash Rate, While Clients Save on Therapy

You decide your session fee, while we help the client understand the bottom line. We bill Out of Network for your client so there is less burden on both of you to navigate the insurance maze.

Payout Process

Refer Your Clients To Advekit

By referring your clients to Advekit, you help your clients save while you keep your cash rate.

Client Discovers Out of Network Benefits in Real-time

Advekit’s proprietary technology allows for clients to run their insurance benefits live on our site, and we educate them on their specific benefits. Most of our therapists are Out of Network providers, so we help clients understand how to leverage OON benefits.

You Get Paid by Advekit After Session is Completed

You get paid as soon as you indicate on your dashboard that a client has completed a session.

Client’s Card Gets Charged by Advekit

We collect the client’s payment upfront, and charge the card on file only after a session is completed. By understanding and keeping track of your client’s coverage, our goal is to save client’s money upfront on sessions.

Advekit Waits for Reimbursement

If applicable, Advekit waits for all reimbursement from insurance companies, so you and your clients do not have to.

why choose advekit

Advekit HeadwayOthers Alma Simple Practice
Refer your own clients to improve retention
Client saves upfront, you collect cash rate, neither of you wait on reimbursement
Transparency of therapy costs, OON coverage explained in real-time
No more superbills!
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How Advekit Works for Clients


It's 5x more expensive to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one


Retaining your existing caseload will increase your revenue by 20%


Get paid by Advekit right away and neither you nor your client waits for reimbursement

Membership Packages

Save 25%


$30 /month

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$270 /year

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Your Membership Includes

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For Therapists

Benefits for you

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    Neither you nor your clients waits for reimbursement
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    Proven stronger caseload retention - clients can afford to stay in therapy
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    We are a liaison to insurance carriers for you
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    Unlimited access to our billing & support teams
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    Get paid right away 
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For Clients

Benefits for your clients

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    Verify benefits in real time
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    No more superbills or having to file claims
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    We file past claims to meet deductibles quicker
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    Only pay what is owed / Advekit waits for the reimbursement
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    Afford to stay in therapy longer
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    No more awkward payment exchange between client and therapist

Every Plan Comes With

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    Profile: A customized URL landing page for your practice
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    Administrative Assistance: Advekit handles all back office claims and logistics for your practice
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    Support: Unlimited Support from our Advekit Customer Success Team

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