General Questions

What is Advekit?

Advekit handles back office operations for therapists, allowing therapists to FINALLY keep their rate while helping their clients save, too.

Our biggest differentiator is that we allow clients to upload their insurance information in real time, and we instantly share their specific “Out of Network” coverage details with them when they are getting matched with you.

Advekit only collects what the client owes upfront, bills on the client's behalf, and therapists get paid quickly after the session takes place. The best part - therapists do not have to wait for reimbursement from insurance. Advekit is paying out the therapist first and handling the reimbursement on the backend!

How does the matching algorithm work?

We were founded by a therapist and have both therapists and clients of therapy on our team. Our matching algorithm is built on learnings from our own experiences as well as the 50,000+ users who have visited the site.

We prompt clients with specific questions (availability, budget, insurance, location, areas of concern, etc) that generate accurate matches between them and our Advekit therapists.

How much does it cost to be on Advekit?

We have two subscription options for therapists

40% of therapists choose to pay monthly = $30/month
60% of therapists choose our Annual package = $270/year*
*current discounted annual rate, subject to change

We collect a transaction fee on bookings through the site.

Why is there a transaction fee after a booking is complete?

We have matched 50,000+ clients to our therapists, and with our proprietary software we are now able to send our therapists clients who previously did not convert because of the ambiguity and logistics around insurance. Due to this, we collect a small transaction fee for our part in helping clients convert and stay with our therapists longer (when appropriate).

We also collect this fee because we are taking liability by paying our therapists out before we’ve heard back from insurance. We are also absorbing all other fees that typically fall on therapists (i.e. - like credit card fees).

Additionally, if a client’s credit card gets denied, our guarantee is to you, the therapist, and we handle payment directly with the client, so that payment comes directly from us.

Do I set my own rate or does Advekit decide it for me?

Therapists are in charge of their practices, and we do not want to dictate their rates. Therapists choose their own rates on Advekit.

How do clients find out about Advekit?

The majority of our marketing spend goes towards Paid Search and Paid Social efforts. We focus on supporting clients who are actively searching for therapy/mental health care in the moment.

We are also proud of the partnerships we have with local health organizations, doctors offices, physical therapy offices, fitness centers, and schools in each of our active markets.

How many referrals will I get?

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate because there are a lot of factors that go into why certain therapists get referrals more so than others.

We encourage therapists to use a smiling headshot with good lighting as their photo.

We are happy to help our therapists with crafting their bios and selecting their photos!

What if I’m not seeking new clients at the moment?

No problem! We have a “Billing only” option for therapists. Essentially, we can waive the marketing subscription fee (which would be driving you new clients) and therapists can just use our Out of Network insurance feature for their existing clients!

Therapists have reported that their clients come to see them 3X as many times when Advekit has helped with OON billing!

Down the line if availability opens up, we can add our matching feature into the subscription at that time.
Email us to let us know you’d like to have “billing only” and we will get you set up!

What if my specialty isn’t listed?

The client side has a more expanded view of “areas of concern” whereas we divide our specialities into DSM oriented buckets on the therapist side. If there is a specialty that you have that is not specifically listed, let us know and we may be able to add that for you.

What do I need to do to get started?

All you have to do is create your profile. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and we approve within 1 business day.

Can I sign up for the matching service without insurance?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our value add is on our billing component, and we want clients to be able to access this feature with all of our therapists.

However, you can sign up for the billing service without matching. This is great if you have a full practice and don't need new referrals. We can help your current caseload save some money leveraging their OON benefits. Plus - there's no subscription cost for just billing.

As a group practice, why do we have to have individual profiles?

We do tailored therapist matching and we believe that every therapist has different strengths, so we want to match clients with therapists, instead of to a group office practice. In doing so, clients can decide for themselves which therapist feels like the right fit, rather than be slotted in the earliest available slot within a group practice.

We do offer discounts for group practices - contact us for more info at


How does it work if I "do not take insurance"?

Technically, all of our therapists are considered Out of Network Insurance providers.

We work primarily with therapists who do not take In-Network insurance, so that is no problem!

Our value add is in our ability to break down the Out of Network process very simply to the client and help them get into therapy, as well as bill on their behalf so they save money upfront! In turn, this helps our therapists avoid logistics around paperwork and insurance hassling.

Most commercial PPO insurance plans provide OON coverage to clients.

What happens if a claim is denied?

Therapists are paid quickly after the session occurs and will not have to worry about the logistics of insurance. We do our best to be accurate in our coverage estimates, but in the off chance there is a dispute, we handle this directly with the client. If a discrepancy occurs, we will immediately make both the therapist and the client aware of this so that they can decide together how to move forward with sessions.

When there is a discrepancy and/or insurance has not given a fair allowable rate, we will advocate for the client and fight for them with insurance.

Just like any medical billing arrangement, the client also signs a management agreement during their onboarding and acknowledges that if a claim is denied they may be responsible for the remainder of payment.

How does Advekit work with deductibles? What if the client has a deductible to meet?

When we run our claims estimate, we will show clients a breakdown of their insurance plan, including a graphic explaining where they are in their deductible. If the client still has a deductible to meet, we will bill towards their deductible to help them access those Out of Network benefits sooner.

Why a W-9, my group practice works with a W-2? What about a 1099?

Since we are paying therapists for client sessions, therapists are technically “independent contractors” of Advekit for tax purposes. However, therapists can still operate with W-2 forms for their own practices. Advekit does not employ therapists, but we do need an W-9 form for our records.

We give therapists a 1099 during tax season for their own tax purposes

How does Advekit work for an associate/pre-licensed clinician?

Associates are able to make their own profiles, and we bill insurance sharing that a pre-licensed therapist saw a client under supervision. The supervisor will need to fill out our management agreement, and the banking information for payments section will be filled out by whomever is receiving the payment from Advekit. Associates and supervisors will work out the payment split internally among themselves.

What insurance companies have partnered with Advekit?

We work with all commercial PPO plans. We do not work with government plans like medicare and medicaid.

Can I use my own biller for insurance?

We do ask that if you join Advekit, we handle all Out of Network insurance claims for clients that come through Advekit. That being said, if you are in-network with any insurance panels, you’re able to keep billing for in-network however you currently are and we will handle all of your Out of Network claims.

How do I send existing clients to Advekit?

Once a therapist is a member of Advekit, they will get their own unique profile/URL. Often, therapists will send their own existing clients to their Advekit URL, so that Advekit can help their existing client caseload save money and stay in therapy as long as needed.

How does Advekit handle client cancellations?

We will honor therapists’ specific cancellation policies. Once a client has come in for their first session, a therapist can send us a signed copy of their cancellation policy and then we will honor the policy on future sessions.

Account Support

How do I cancel my account?

Therapists are able to cancel anytime from the “profile” tab on their dashboard, at least 1 day before their next billing cycle to not be charged any further.

What if I need help?

Contact us at for miscellaneous questions or for billing or insurance related questions.