About Us

Founded by a therapist, Advekit has transformed the way that people access mental healthcare. Our mission is to help as many people as possible get the access to care that they deserve.

Our Team

Alison LaSov

Co-Founder & CEO

Los Angeles, CA

Arielle Garellek

Co-Founder & COO

San Diego, CA

Mark Florian


San Diego, CA

Bailey Wharton

Dir. of Customer Support & Retention

Los Angeles, CA

Brenda Gonzalez

Billing Ops. Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Amber Gianvecchio

Senior Patient Onboarding Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Guido

Billing Associate

Los Angeles, CA

Holly Banez

Office Manager

San Diego, CA

Samantha Kovarik

Customer Support Specialist

Brighton, MI

Shital Patel

Accounting Assistant

San Diego, CA

Kylie Hoffman

Medical Billing Specialist

Cameron, NC

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