What Are the Stages of Grief?

The grieving process can be overwhelming. Learn about the stages of grief and what to expect.

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Group practice

Should You Join A Group Practice Or Go It Alone?

Anyone beginning their career a clinical practice has considered this question. Does it make sense to pursue a “safe” position in a group practice, or would it be wiser in the long run to set out on your own, rent an office, and start building your brand?


The Fundamentals of Starting a Private Practice

Whether you’ve been considering taking the leap for years, or are just starting out, launching a private practice is hard work.

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How Will Vaccinations Affect Your Practice?

Will Covid vaccines impact your practice? Read on to discover tips on how to shift back to in-person therapy.

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Should Therapists Be on Social Media?

Social media can be a valuable marketing channel and help engage current and former clients.

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What is high functioning depression?

Depression is not always black and white. Read on to learn about high functioning depression and what it means.

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What is Anticipatory Grief?

Grief comes in many forms. Learn more about anticipatory grief and what it means.

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What Does Grief Mean?

Trying to better understand grief and what it means? Learn about the grieving process and what that means to you.

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The Difference Between Anxiety vs Depression

It can be difficult to differentiate between anxiety and depression. Read on to understand the difference in anxiety and depression symptoms.

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Why Do I Get Depressed At Night?

Does it ever feel like you get more depressed at night than during the day? You're not alone. Read on to learn more about what causes depression at night.