Insurance Verification Consent

Thank you for choosing Advekit ("Advekit", "we", or "us") for finding mental healthcare services. You agree to provide us with certain personal information and insurance and health plan information ("information"), including plan number, group number, and policy number, and you consent to Advekit's use and disclosure of such information in order for Advekit to determine your benefit eligibility for mental health service coverage.

You agree that all information you provide is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

You understand and acknowledge that you have the ultimate responsibility to verify your health plan's benefits and coverage. You acknowledge that certain services may be out-of-network, your benefits or coverage for mental health services may be limited or restricted, or certain services may not be covered at all.

While Advekit provides the best and most recent information available to Advekit regarding your benefits eligibility, Advekit makes no guarantee of coverage or your eligibility for benefits or the accuracy of any information provided.